Hi there!

You have reached the website of Batuhan Bozkurt; a musician, sound engineer and creative coder from Turkey / Istanbul. I write about all sorts of procedural, generative and computational arts, and some more. Some interesting web projects are also hosted here.

Selected Works

Touch Pianist - Magical Piano In Your Web Browser →

Circuli - Generative Ambient Sound Instrument →

Otomata - Generative Musical Sequencer →


The Browser Sound Engine Behind Touch Pianist →

Recreating the THX Deep Note →

Combination Tones and the Non-Linearities of the Human Ear →

SCTweeting! →


Disquiet Interview →

FingerNeedle Released →

NatureToolkit Update →

Music Release: Laconicism →

New Quark: NatureToolkit →

New Quark: MultiTouchPad →

deQuencher - A Live Sequencer →

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